The Quick Way to Lovely New Teeth

Teeth don’t half take a battering. They are in use several times a day, crashing against each other with forces of up to 97kg or 200lbs. Between meals, they are being used to talk and smile. Sometimes they are used for things they weren’t designed [Read More]

How to float through implant surgery

Having dental implants in North London has so many benefits that it’s a crying shame when people who really need them don’t get them because they are too frightened to go through with the treatment. Whether it’s because of an awful experience as a child, [Read More]

Top Ways to Escape the Heat While at Home

Scorching Australian weather is notorious for causing property damage, hampering activities and posing risks to one’s health. There’s a lot to be done to prevent temperatures from breaking records, but the first thing you must do is find a way to protect yourself while at home. [Read More]