Here’s Why You Always Feel Exhausted

two exhausted people in front of their laptops

Everyone feels tired from time to time. Often, it’s easy to pinpoint why you’re experiencing exhaustion: You’ve probably been up all night finishing a business report or nursing your newborn.

But there are times when you simply can’t locate exactly the source of your tiredness. In such situations, these may be the reasons:

You’re sick

A lot of people suffer from a serious illness called chronic fatigue syndrome, but may not know it, at least initially. That’s because they often would dismiss it as the occasional tiredness, which can be relieved with longer hours of sleep.

The debilitating condition, however, can’t be simply "cured" that way. Along with tiredness, you might even face sleep problems, like not getting a decent shut-eye or feeling un-refreshed when you wake up.

You may also experience headaches, muscle pains, lack of concentration, sore throat, and more symptoms that would keep you from getting on with your daily routine. It’s important to get chronic fatigue help from specialists in facilities like RedRiver Health and Wellness Center in Las Vegas to experience relief from such health problems.

You’re sedentary

Lack of physical activity makes you tired. That’s because the body is designed to move. When it’s not in motion, circulatory systems slow down, muscles lose their strength, and you become more sluggish and frail. So your habit of being a couch potato and skipping gym sessions to fix tiredness isn’t actually doing you any good.

What you need to do instead is to rev up your body to fuel the energy and get you back in your active, happy self. Exercise can also help in managing chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, but you may find it especially difficult, so it’s important to consult your doctor which activities are fit for your specific condition.

You’re depressed

There are many reasons people with major depressive disorder feel tired all the time. One of which is the quality of sleep. Like in chronic fatigue syndrome, the depressed finds it hard to fall asleep quickly and tends to wake up earlier or in the middle of the night, keeping them from having a restful sleep.

Another factor is the internal struggle of the body to stabilize moods. It takes so much effort for the body to do simple things, like getting out of bed or eating, so it quickly becomes exhausted.

Have you been feeling tired all the time lately? It might be because of these reasons. Consult your doctor to know for sure.