Braces That Hide in Plain Sight

woman having a dental check up

When looking at the possibility of having braces in adulthood, the first thing that comes to mind is the metal and wires that will be attached to the fronts of teeth, spoiling smiles. Somehow, the idea of children wearing braces is more acceptable, even cute, with their lisp-inducing, self-consciousness. Yet in a recent British Orthodontic Society survey, 80% of the society’s members said they’d seen a rise in adults wanting braces. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, braces no longer need to sit on the front of teeth using brackets and wires. There are clear braces options that are either discreet, almost invisible or completely hidden.

Incognito in Weybridge to the rescue

One of these options is Incognito. Incognito is a type of invisible brace that sits behind the teeth, so only the wearer knows they are there. The brace itself consists of metal plates that are custom-made to fit the shape of each tooth. Once they are bonded in place, a lingual bracket system links the plates together to create a perfectly fitted brace that sits completely behind the teeth. Dental surgeries such as Weybridge Orthodontics provide these innovative braces, giving patients options that won’t destroy a smile when it comes to addressing misaligned teeth.

Patient confidence

Braces dentists, using the latest in 3D imaging technology, can predict the outcome of wearing the brace. The imaging services provided for Incognito in Weybridge enable real choice, so that patients have a clear idea of what will be achieved by the end of the treatment period. This increases patient confidence and ensures that Incognito is the correct treatment for an individual.

Incognito in Weybridge really is worth the investment to achieve great results with very little inconvenience. The full treatment will cost around £4,000. That’s a lot of money, so it’s good to talk it over with the dentist to see if local surgeries offer 0% finance to cover the cost of treatment. It’s also worth looking at what’s included as some dental surgeries will include follow-up hygiene appointments in the cost. There’s no doubt it’s worth it, gaining the perfect smile with absolutely no inconvenience.