Frustrated By Dentures in Richmond But Can’t Afford Dental Implants?


It’s a difficult choice for many people who are losing their teeth. They want to get dental implants because they know they have so many great benefits, but the cost is prohibitive for them. The other option is dentures in Richmond, either full or partial, and price-wise that makes a lot more sense, but, oh, the indignity of false teeth that won’t stay still, not to mention the dietary restrictions. No more roast potatoes. Not another bite into a crispy apple. Farewell to great steaks. Endless soft scrambled eggs and curries. It doesn’t bear thinking about. And neither does it have to, because people who are losing their teeth can have the best of both worlds when they choose denture stabilisation with dental implants.

Dental implants come in various lengths and designs, and there is a special kind of implant that has been designed specially to anchor wayward dentures in Richmond. Denture stabilisation is available from various reputable implant clinics, such as Sheen Dental. Let’s take a look at how they work:

Dentures in Richmond with Dental Implants

The dentist uses mini dental implants that can be embedded into the jawbone right through the gum. This makes the procedure much quicker. It takes place under local anaesthetic, and people who are nervous can also have either oral or intravenous sedation. The dentist puts in the implants and they are left to heal for several weeks.

When they have integrated with the jawbone, in a process known as osseointegration which takes several weeks, the dentist can fit an attachment on top. This joins the implants to the dentures with either a ball or a bar fitting.

Patients can choose to have their existing dentures modified with attachments, or they can have new dentures made for the implants.

At home, patients continue to remove their dentures each night to rest their gums and soak away any plaque or food from the dentures. Maintenance is just a matter of making sure that plaque is removed from the implants twice a day with brushing and flossing, plus regular hygienist visits. It’s simple and very convenient.