Dental Treatment Abroad Can Save you Money

Dentist smilingMedical tourism is becoming bigger in recent years, with one of the most common types being dental treatment abroad. With NHS dentists becoming harder to find and the prohibitive costs of private treatment, it’s no wonder people are looking elsewhere for treatment options.

A number of companies now offer packages for dental treatment abroad, such as Access Smile, who can arrange not only treatment with a reputable, quality dentist, but also help with hotels and transfers.

What types of treatment can people get abroad?

In theory, patients can get any kind of treatment they want abroad, but the main reason for getting dental treatment abroad is cost, so the most common treatments are the bigger, more expensive ones. Crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers are the types of treatment many people go abroad for. Teeth whitening, root canals, extractions and some types of braces are also popular treatments that can be worth travelling for.

Where can I travel to for dental treatment abroad?

Hungary is one of the most popular destinations for dental holidays. Budapest is a beautiful city, where patients can enjoy touring around and looking at the interesting architecture in between dental treatments. Other countries in central and eastern Europe, such as Poland and Czech Republic, are also common destinations.

Why should I travel for dental treatment abroad?

Imagine being in intense pain from tooth problems for three months while waiting for NHS treatment. This is the reality some people are facing with waiting lists growing longer and referrals becoming harder to come by. It’s no surprise then, that so many people are now travelling abroad for dental treatment. With quality dentists, short waiting times, considerably cheaper prices and the excuse for a holiday, what’s not to like?

Make sure to choose a reputable dentist

Make sure to choose carefully when looking for a dentist abroad. Keep in mind that follow-up treatments may be required, so a company that has a clinic in the UK is advantageous. Ensure the price quoted includes everything, and there’s no chance of being ripped off with extra charges further down the line. If at all unsure, it is worth a trip to meet the dentist before starting treatment.