Bedroom Design Trends are Very Utilitarian

Interior of large bedroom

Fashion trends are not just made by designers for others to follow. Sometimes it’s the users who create the trends, and the designers make it mainstream by following them. Some fashion trends which were started by the punk rock movements like J-Pop and K-Pop have gone mainstream because of the ready market.

The same is true of bedroom furniture available online in the UK. In the case of furniture, the trends take longer to take shape, and even longer before they turn or fade away.

Bedroom Design Trends

A recent study showed that people are buying bigger beds. Bigger beds are always an option, and there are several reasons why anyone would want to buy one. Newly-married couples would buy bigger beds. Even older couples or those with growing children would buy them. However, there was an increase in respondents who bought a king-sized bed, from 20% in 2013 to 32% in 2017.

This is a significant increase which could not be explained by the increase in newly weds. It is possible that people just want to feel more freedom in their bed, or they like the feeling of rolling around a large bed. Whatever the reason, bigger beds are no longer limited to the master bedroom.

Storage and Devices

Practicality also works well in the modern bedroom. With most homeowners having multiple mobile devices, the need for charging ports and outlets have increased. At the same time, home Wi-Fi connectivity has become a de facto standard. Other considerations include storage options and compartments for shoes and trousers.

Additional storage space can be addressed with pull-out shelving. All this storage space and connectivity is needed in the modern bedroom. There is more activity going on, not just sleeping, relaxing and dressing up. More people are reading in bed, watching TV, checking phone apps, talking on phones and listening to podcasts or music. The home has become a social hub of activities.

Bedrooms have become hubs of activity. This has resulted in the need for more USB charging ports, wall outlets, and better Wi-Fi connectivity. It may or may not have led to the need for larger beds, but all of these trends have created an impact on what homeowners are buying for their bedrooms.