Frequently Asked Questions About Compounding Pharmacy, Answered

Pharmacist in a pharmacy

Drugs treat a lot of conditions, and that’s why pharmacies are vital for patients across the globe. Commercial pharmacies, however, provide mass-produced medicines that some patients may not be able to take. Some dosages are given in individualized portions that are not available in the market.

This is where a compounding pharmacy comes into the picture. Compounded medicine can benefit almost anyone. Some patients are unable to tolerate the commercially available medicine. As a result, they need a dosage or formulation specially made for them.

A compounding pharmacy in Texas such as Boerne Drug Company works by making medicines for the individual needs of their patients, with the right dosage or formulation needed.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

In the past, before there were even chains of pharmacies across the world, compounding pharmacies were the main sources of medicines. A compounding pharmacy’s popularity has again gained momentum as patients realize the benefits they can get from this type of pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacies formulate medicines based on the prescription given to patients. The medicines’ dosages are individualized, which means they’re based on the needs of each patient.

How does compounding benefit me?

Compounding pharmacies have a lot of benefits for patients. They make medicines based on the needed dosage of each patient to reduce the risk of overdose.

Also, pharmacists make cocktails of medicines the patient needs in one pill or formulation. This creates hassle-free medicine consumption, limiting the risk of non-compliance.

Furthermore, for patients with allergies to certain ingredients in medicines, pharmacists can remove the said ingredient for them. Lastly, compounding pharmacies can compute or reduce the dosage safely for kids, to reduce overdose.

Is it safe?

The US Food and Drug Administration says compounding pharmacies are safe for the public. These pharmacies have received licenses to operate. Furthermore, licensed and trained pharmacists  make, mix, and formulate the medicines, just like those in commercial pharmacies.

There are many benefits of compounded medicines to the public. An individualized dosage of medicines can make them more effective for certain patients.