Door of Opportunity: Improving Curb Appeal with Garage Doors

White Garage Door

When planning a property facelift to improve curb appeal, conventional ideas include dressing up front windows and creating a mini garden. What homeowners miss, though, is one simple piece that can instantly transform their house facade: garage doors.

Homeowners rarely consider their garage doors a design piece. After all, the function of a garage door is merely to keep things in and shut things out. But design-savvy homeowners, especially those who live in snout houses in Pennsylvania, treat garage doors as an aesthetic addition to improving curb appeal.

Here are some ways you can use garage doors to give your house facade a facelift:

Match the Doors

One of your strategies to increase curb appeal is probably to paint your front door since it’s one of the first things people notice when they step into your property. For the same reason, you must pay extra attention to your garage doors as well, since they’re essentially bigger and more noticeable than your front door.

Match the style and color of your front doors with the same design and hue for your garage doors. If you have a rustic door, consider getting a garage door made of traditional wood. If you are considering a garage door replacement in Pittsburgh, PA, companies have different colors and finishes that suit your existing facade.

Consider Curved Frames

Garage doors with curved frames look best in traditional country homes. They add a classic flair to your home design. So, if you do decide on replacing your garage doors, have them installed in clipped frames.

Consider getting exterior lights, to highlight the design on the frames at night. Opt for pendant lights, wall lanterns, or floodlights.

Fill with Embellishments…or Not

A carriage garage door may look like it’s an old-fashioned choice, but its built-in details have an artistic flair. The vintage feature of arrows and lily-like patterns adds to the overall appeal of your facade.

Another option is to not go for the intricate details but for the drama. You can have black insulated garage doors to give your garage a sleek appearance.

Your garage doors are more than a security feature; they can act as an elegant design piece to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Take advantage of them.