Why It’s Possible to Run an Auto Business Without Being an Expert

auto repairman

Most people think that running an auto shop business requires them to be an expert with cars, but some have been able to do so successfully even with little knowledge about vehicle parts and repairs.

All it takes is a genuine interest in how car repair shops work, plus being able to provide clients with services that arise when their vehicle is taken in for repairs. JMC Equipment will say the same.

Proactive Approach

A proactive approach to running an auto business involves seeing beyond your customer’s needs. A person who brought in a broken car will likely be more interested in knowing when you could complete the job, instead of what kind of equipment you’re using to repair it.

Many also don’t have the luxury of having more than one car, so a broken one means it’s going to be hard for them to move around. Some auto franchisees found a solution to this by offering shuttle services, which help customers in doing tasks like driving to the grocery or bringing their kids to school until repairs are completed.

Business Planning

While franchises are a good option for running a car shop business, it’s generally cheaper to start your own from scratch. With just $50,000 in startup costs, finding a location should be among your priorities. Rental fees for commercial space will cost between $1,500 and $15,000.

Next on the list involves choosing the type of automotive equipment. Choose a supplier that offers different brands such as Baileigh bender tubing machinery or BendPak car lifts. You should set aside around $20,000 for tools and equipment. The rest of the start-up capital should for miscellaneous expenses like hiring staff and insurance.

Even if you don’t possess expert knowledge on cars, the success of your auto franchise depends on your level of business management skills. As long as you know how to run a business, you can simply hire someone to take care of the technical aspects.