Landscaping Ideas for Your Lap Pool

Pool inside the house

If you’ve just finished building a lap pool and are immensely pleased with the results, you may want the area around the pool to look just as gorgeous as the pool itself. There are many ways you can achieve that. Why not try one or more of these four creative suggestions?

Plant ornamental grasses

One of the reasons ornamental grasses are beloved as a means of landscaping is their visual appeal. They can immediately add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab area. With ornamental grass, there is no need to worry about leaves and debris falling into lap pools. If you’d like some privacy, consider growing the taller varieties.

Consider a screen enclosure

For those looking to create a tropical oasis in their very own backyard, a screen enclosure is a perfect choice.  A screen enclosure provides shelter against the harsh sun and other elements. It’s an excellent way to enjoy your pool all year round.

Install a water feature

If you are looking for a luxurious appearance, then consider adding a water feature near the pool. You can even choose to connect the two to get your guests and neighbours talking. A water fountain is an excellent choice as it effectively highlights your lovely in ground lap pool.

Plant some hedges and shrubs

Hedges and shrubs are an easy option you can try. They look lovely all year round and can add much-needed privacy. But make sure that the bushes are not the thorny kind for safety purposes. You don’t want anyone running into them and get hurt. Keep them well trimmed and maintained appropriately.

Investing in a pool does not just increase the functionality of your yard, but also its visual appeal. By landscaping the area around it, you can make your property even more beautiful.