How to Rope your Friends to the Rodeo

Cowboy with ropes

Getting your friends to go see the rodeo can be very entertaining and fun for everyone involved. The show, the fair, and everything in between are sure to give you and your friends tons of excitement, fun and laughter.

If you have friends that have never gone to a rodeo, then a few pointers here and there should be enough to make sure they enjoy their trip.

Cowboy Hats for All

Going in costume is great fun and looks great in photos. Maybe give the girls straw cowgirl hats from A.A. Callister instead of felt — they’re lighter and won’t mess their hair as much.

Going in costume makes you feel a little more involved and will make you and your friends feel like you’re part of the show. And depending on how you guys dress — you just might be!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Rodeo fairs have tons of food to try out, and a lot of stuff to see and buy. Take your friends for a walk around the fair, let them buy some trinkets, or try one of the rides or two. Just make sure they can hold down what they’ve eaten or drunk before having a go at that mechanical bull.

Grab those phones, because this is the best time to take photos and get souvenirs before the actual show.

Showing Them the Ropes

That means you. Let your friends know what to expect and what happens on the actual show. They’d enjoy it more if they knew what the cowboys and cowgirls were doing. Basic information should be enough as the actual show is bound to take hold of their attention.

Once the action starts ramping up and the adrenaline starts pumping — your friends should be enrapt by the spectacular show.