4 Worst Enemies of Your AC

Split Type Air ConditionerEvery homeowner likes to think that his or her air conditioner is safe. But the truth is numerous threats to AC units lurk in your own premises. By being aware of these dangers, you can take measures to prevent them and keep your AC in good shape for the longest time.

Here are four of the biggest enemies of your AC unit:

1. Dirt

Dirt is one of the worst menaces for your AC system. When a sediment of it builds up in your compressor unit or encrusts on the coils, the system will experience premature wear and tear. You must call an experienced air conditioning service provider in Utah to clean the unit regularly to avert these problems.

2. Floods

Your outdoor air conditioning unit is designed to withstand rain to a certain degree. However, standing water can ruin parts of the system. The water often carries destructive debris that may get into the unit and cause damage to the components. Even worse, water provides the perfect environment for mold to flourish inside your unit.

3. Overgrown bushes

Overgrown plants can cause damage to your unit due to falling on the unit or hitting against it. Leaves that fall on your AC can cause clogs. Fortunately, this is a threat you have control over. Trim all plants to allow at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor unit.

4. Pests

There’s no shortage of vermin that would love nothing more than the cozy life inside your outdoor unit. It is, therefore, important that you examine your unit regularly for any infestations, particularly during the winter when animals are looking for a warm place to settle in.

A big part of your AC maintenance involves fighting enemies that threaten the welfare of your unit. Fortunately, it doesn’t require too much extra effort to keep these threats at bay and enjoy your unit like you deserve to.