Thank the Stars for Teeth

Woman in dental clinicImagine where people would be without teeth? Sometimes they are taken for granted, used without a second thought; in eating, talking, kissing, shouting, laughing, and generally functioning as human being in day to day life. However, as the saying goes, people don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone. That is why it is important to maintain oral hygiene and look after those pearly whites; from flossing and brushing teeth daily, to making regular visits to the dentist. People may get away with going once a year, but everyone is different; the usual recommended period is every six months.

Visits to the dentist in Buckinghamshire are important to attend. Patients must go to their check-ups so that their dentists can examine the health of teeth and gums. The dentist will look for dental decay and gum disease and the conditons of any prosthetics. Dental check-ups are also important as, like the eyes, the mouth can harbour symptoms of health problems beyond the teeth, such as oral cancer or diabetes. Many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. In fact, one in four people dread their visit to the dentist. This may be a result of bad childhood experiences, anticipation of the unknown, or worry that the treatment they need is going to go wrong or be painful. In Buckinghamshire, dentist practices such as Garden View are experienced in calming such anxieties, with relaxing surroundings and staff who can give individual attention to the patient’s concerns and needs.

What do dentists offer?

In checking the general health of the teeth, dentists can then go on to advise the patient of any treatment that is necessary. These range from restorative dentistry which sorts out damaged teeth; preventive dentistry offering solutions for bad breath and decay; dental implants to replace a few to all the patient’s missing teeth, and teeth straightening, which now provides the option of clear braces. In Buckinghamshire, dentist practices now offer cosmetic dentistry repairing damage and enhancing the smile.

After attending their check-up, the patient can rest in the knowledge that their teeth are healthy, or can be restored, and go on smiling.