Bathroom Remodeling: Building Space for Your New Bath

Men remodeling bathroom

Planning to build a bigger bath but don’t have room for it? If your bathroom remodeling plans simply don’t fit the available space in your existing bathroom, you have to find the most appropriate way to make room for it, whether by expanding your bathroom.

Below are key things to consider ensuring the success of your remodeling plans.

Expanding Your Bathroom

The most ideal option is to use space within the proximity of the existing bath, such as closets or other areas adjoining the wet wall of the bathroom; this is the wall with plumbing pipes. This would save you money since you could just connect the new fixtures to existing plumbing.

For instance, if you’re looking to make your master bath larger, consider keeping your tub and toilet in their locations and just expand into the space nearby to accommodate dressing space and the vanity, suggests a top bathroom remodeling contractor in Fort Myers.

Finding Space

Prior to concluding that you really want an addition to your home to accommodate a new bath, you need to inspect your existing floor plan first if you could find some unused area that you could build upon.

Usually, a half bathroom close to the family room could take the brunt off a one-bathroom home, as could a secondary bathroom in a basement. If you have a laundry space in your basement, you could likewise consider converting it since it’s already hooked up with plumbing.

Check unused spaces near bedrooms as well. Another alternative is to divide a huge existing bathroom into two smaller ones. You could access one from your bedroom and one from the hallway.

You could also convert a tiny bedroom into a large bathroom, and if needed, add another room in another part of your home, such as the basement or the attic.

Finding space for a bathroom renovation in an existing area does not have to be a costly remodeling project, as long as you are practical and careful, and install new fixtures close to existing plumbing work.