How Much Should You Spend on Carpet Cleaning Services?

Man cleaning carpet with vacuum

U.S. households spend an average of $175 for professional carpet cleaning services, although the typical price range costs between $120 and more than $230.

If you live in Utah, the price may be more or less expensive in Salt Lake City than in Draper. Carpet cleaning service rates also depend on the scope of the job, aside from where you live in the country.

Project Size

Most professionals charge their clients either on a per-room or a per-square foot rate. It may help to measure the size of your floor area beforehand to estimate your budget for professional service.

The per-room cost involves a flat rate for the part of the house without paying attention to the square footage. Some charge twice their rates if a certain room exceeds their cap on square footage, so you need to be clear about how the cleaning company calculates their per-room rates.

On the other hand, per-square foot rates depend on the estimated measurement of the cleaning company. Some companies may charge a fixed rate even if your floor space measures below the minimum square footage.

DIY Projects

Homeowners can clean their carpets themselves in some cases, such as using steam-cleaning machines. However, these DIY machines can have inaccurate water temperature setting compared to professional equipment.

As manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning at least once every 12 to 18 months, it may be a better choice to pay someone else to do the job for you. If you’re still concerned about cost, you could choose to hire professionals for cleaning high-traffic areas in the house.

When choosing a cleaning company, be wary of those that charge low rates. This indicates that they might be a poor service provider. Likewise, it’s important to take note of inflated prices especially when your room is smaller than average.