Kinds of Taps a Plumber Will Recommend for Your Home

a modern bathroom

Whether it is a bath tap, a shower or a vanity tap, choosing each will require that you give attention to different details. Besides, the choice of the tap has to match with the interior and the feel of your home.

Some people choose a matching set of valves for their home while others decide to customize each tap for its purpose. Matching sets are easy, but customized taps look better.

In addition to letting a professional plumber in Park City do the installation for you, you would also want them to help you decide on the best tap for your home. That said, below are three common types of taps they would recommend:

1. Floor-mounted taps

Taps mounted on the floor are a recent trend for bathrooms. Instead of the pipes and plumbing being hidden, they are exposed up to the tub, from the floor. Floor mounted taps add detail to your bathroom. They also allow you the freedom to place your bath tab anywhere in the bathroom area.

2. Wall-mounted taps

These taps reach out to fill the bathtub from the wall. They add a contemporary style to your bathroom. They are also easy to clean. However, since the plumbing is hidden inside the wall, they present a more significant challenge than other types of taps to repair.

3. Pillar taps

Pillar taps are innately functional. They are single taps with individual valves to control water flow. They fit into the basins or bath and are designed with two tap holes; one supplies hot water and the other, cold water.

Besides the interior of your home, the level of water pressure you have will also matter. Remember that the type of finish and the material of your tap will contribute significantly to how much maintenance you have to do to your taps. As you weigh your options, do not forget to factor in practicality.