Here’s How You Choose the Ideal Venue for Your Event

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Are you looking for a venue for your upcoming event? Before you book that hall or floor, you need to know a few things to make the occasion successful. Events expert states the following factors to consider when choosing an events space in Edwardsville.


The venue on your shortlist must fit the image and branding you want to portray. Visit the place to determine if it suits your target audience and the marketing strategy you want to implement.

Other factors to consider are the projected number of participants, the equipment you’ll need to bring and the tables and chairs (for food, caterers, or activities you intend to do) just to name a few.

Branding Opportunities

You’ll need to stay on message and within your value proposition in choosing a venue. Ask the coordinator and inspect the place to determine if you can put banners, set up stands, and other branding tools to build your image.

Some other questions to ask the coordinator are; can you use the electronic marquee or the signage in and outside the venue? Consider all these before you sign the contract.

Facilities included

Before choosing the venue, consider the facilities it offers. If you are holding a conference, does it include a/v equipment, the microphone, stage, stands and others? If it doesn’t, can you bring your own? And does the place have the facilities that will allow you to use them?

Consider the seating and number of your participants when evaluating the place. Its size will also be a factor in the decision you have to make.


The accessibility of the venue is a huge factor; the place must be accessible via private vehicles or public transport. If your intended audience will bring their own cars, look for a place that has a nearby parking lot.

Choose one that has attractions, restaurants or bars near it; this provides you with casual networking opportunities after your event.

These are some of the factors to consider in choosing a venue. Consider these in your choice to make the most out your event.