Top Factors That Determine Whether You’ll Win or Lose a Custody Battle

custody of child document

Couples going through a divorce often find it difficult to deal with the situation. Children in the midst of a huge upheaval in their lives usually deal with worse. Parents can make it difficult for their children when they are desperate to gain full custody, particularly when the couple is not parting amicably.

Are you currently thinking about filing a motion with the help of a lawyer from a reputable divorce law firm in Lynnwood, WA? Perhaps this is the best time to consult with them about custody matters. Here are some of the factors that may affect the outcome of your custody case:

The best interest of the child

Your children are not items of property to be won. If you keep that mindset, you are on the right track. Thinking otherwise can have disastrous consequences. If you wish for a positive outcome, then you should remember that the best interest of your children is the priority of the court.

This means that behaviors and statements from you that suggest you are not the best fit will motivate the court to favor your spouse or another guardian if both of you do not fit the requirements.

Attitude and Behavior

Approaching child custody matters negatively will only backfire. Let off some steam but do it in private or find some other outlet. Direct comments about how the other party is a bad parent, or comments to friends putting down one’s spouse, which the children may overhear, won’t help your cause. Realize that bad-mouthing the other parent is not good for your children and will only hurt and confuse them.

What the children want

The wishes of your children may be the last thing on your mind when you are dealing with matters concerning the divorce. You must find time to talk to them and ask how they feel and what they want for themselves. You must also respect their wishes.

The safety and well-being of your children are the court’s foremost concern when trying a child custody case. Keep these things in mind if you’re undergoing a divorce process.