Are You Getting the Sleep You Deserve?

a girl sleeping

If you’re not getting quality sleep, it may be due to your environment or your habits. It may because of your bedroom, your mattress, the food you eat, or your activities prior to bedtime. It pays to be aware of the barriers to sleep, so that you can do something about them.


A bed that doesn’t provide ample support can disrupt your sleep. It can cause pain, discomfort, and extra pressure on the joints. If the mattress you’re sleeping on is sagging and doesn’t make you feel well rested, it is time for a new one. Mattress sale stores in Utah suggest choosing a new one that is of quality and the right size, especially if you share the bed with a partner.

Sleep environment

An overly bright room can fool your brain that it is not yet time to snooze. Noise, on the other hand, can make it hard for you to fall or stay asleep. You can benefit from keeping your bedroom quiet and as dark as possible. You should also find the right temperature that feels the most comfortable for you.

Food and eating habits

Apart from elevating your heart rate and blood pressure, caffeine and alcohol can also disrupt your sleep. Caffeine stays in your body for up to eight hours, which can compromise your sleep and make it shallower. Alcohol can make you fall asleep faster, but then reduces REM sleep. Eating too close before bed is also a barrier, as it can increase your temperature and the likelihood of a heartburn.


Working out before later in the day can increase your heart rate and make it harder for you to fall asleep. The same is also true for having an inconsistent sleep-wake schedule. If you want to fall asleep better, exercise early in the day and keep a regular schedule for sleeping and waking up.

Stress and health conditions

As stress can make it difficult for you to relax or slow down, it can affect your sleep negatively. This also the same if your brain is preoccupied most of the time. Untreated medical conditions, as well as sleep disorders like apnea, can also interfere with your slumber and lower the quality of your sleep. It is advisable to see a doctor to address your condition.

Don’t let these barriers hinder you from getting the sleep you deserve. Make an effort to modify your sleeping environment and making positive changes in your daily lifestyle. You shouldn’t also underestimate the rewards of sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillows.