Spring Color Trends for Your Home’s Interior Design

a man painting the wall

From gelato hues to lush greens, there is an exciting variety of interior design colors to look forward to this spring and summer. While the pastel game is still going strong this 2018, some homeowners are starting to prefer its antidote, dark inky blues. Experts from De Rosee Sa talk about how you can mix and match all your favorite colors and add texture that will transform your home.

Ice Cream Factory

Ice cream colors have not only taken over the fashion industry, but they have also made their way into people’s homes. There’s no reason to wait for spring, start investing in key pieces and get ahead of the crowd. You can even base your paint color from your favorite ice cream flavor. In fact, you don’t have to stop at one, here, you can choose all the tones you want. Curate the perfect palette of gelato colors and match them with more pastel-hued accessories.

Lush Foliage

A humble houseplant can provide a range of health benefits, so it wasn’t long before homeowners started filling their spaces with more foliage. Pop down to your local garden center and look for plants that will look good at specific areas of your living room. Team them with other green pieces like a textured rug and some cushions for added interest.

Indigo Blues

For those who want a more toned-down atmosphere than the pastel trend, inky blues are a spectrum worth exploring. If you don’t want the whole room to be in one of these shades, you can pick simple accessories like flowers and vases to display these unique colors.

When it comes to interior design, some old concepts reappear while entirely new ones surface every season. If you’re feeling adventurous and want something fresh for your home, try out these spring color trends for your palette.