Mid-Life Dating or Mid-Life Crisis

a woman with great smile talking to a man

Looking for true love is nerve-wracking at the best of times. It can be doubly so when entering back into the world of dating after some years away in the cosiness of a long-term relationship where acceptance was all, even if it included gappy or failing teeth. Now, for those experimenting with Tinder and the like, it’s a shock to suddenly have to worry about first impressions. Acne and teenage BO may not be top of the list of visual fears. Instead, after a certain age, dentures or bridges take their place. How does one kiss with them in? I mean, false teeth. They’re not very seductive, are they? Fortunately, there is an alternative to removable false teeth with which kissing is as easy as pie, and even a good smooch won’t give away the fact that not every tooth in that smooch was real. The solution is dental implants in Leeds.

Dental implants in Leeds not only allow daters to kiss with no questions asked, but they can also eat whatever they like on dinner dates. These replacement teeth are as fully functional as natural teeth, plus they don’t get cavities. They are available from various reputable dental surgeons, including those at Enhancedental.

The implant surgeon starts each treatment with a thorough consultation and examination to make sure that the jawbone is strong and healthy enough to cope with the implants; the part of the implants that replace the root needs to be able to sustain the multi-directional forces of chewing.

If the jaw is healthy enough for implants, in the surgical procedure, the dentist will cut through the gum and insert the titanium implants into special sockets sculpted with a drill. For most people a local anaesthetic is enough, but sedation is usually available for nervous patients. There is then a waiting period of a couple of months, during which the jawbone and the implants mesh together. Then, artificial crowns can be attached. These are hand-made from porcelain by technicians, with the colour and shape matched to the patients’ own natural teeth. Dental implants in Leeds will blend in so that no one, least of all that hot new date, will suspect that those teeth are not real.