3 Signs of a Failing AC Compressor Relay

Air conditioner in compact car

All vehicles require air conditioning to stay cool. Like any other electrical components of a car, however, the compressor relay is bound to fail at some point. In most cases, the relays wear or burn out and need immediate replacement. When your AC’s compressor begins to malfunction, you’re likely to encounter one or several of the following signs:

No Cool Air at All

A principal symptom that indicates a potentially failing air conditioner relay is experiencing no cold air in your car. If the relay is defective, the compressor will hardly operate and your AC will lose its ability to circulate cold air.

While multiple reasons can cause your vehicle’s AC to fail, faulty relays are the most prevalent culprits. This is where a mechanic who provides car repair in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah should begin checking.

The Compressor Doesn’t Turn On

One apparent symptom of a faulty AC relay is when the compressor won’t turn on at all. The compressor clutch produces a clicking sound when activated and when you turn on the air conditioning, you might detect this sound. If you can’t hear it yet your car is not becoming cool, then chances are your AC relay has already failed.

Cooling Inconsistency

Your AC compressor receives electrical power from the relay. When the latter starts to fail, the AC will not gain enough power to cool your car. Irregular power translates to an ineffective air conditioning system. If you notice that your car’s AC is working at some point, but shuts off the next minute, this might be a sign of a failing relay.

AC units are vital components of any vehicle, but they’re sure bound to fail sooner or later. If you suspect that your air conditioner is beginning to fail, it’s best to have a technician diagnose your system to know the exact source of the problem.