Bricks Restoration: Making Old Bricks Look New Again

Brick wall

Bricks, when used in homes, can be very aesthetically pleasing. Not only are they perfect for your outdoor space, these also look good when used to accentuate your interior. However, as time goes by, bricks can eventually fade due to sun damage and many other factors.

If the bricks in your home are beginning to fade, there’s no need to worry. There are easy tricks that you can do to make your home’s bricks in NSW look like new again.

Take the Gunk Out

Dirt, mould, debris and even algae can eventually form in the bricks, which can make them look worn out over time. Get a power sprayer to deeply clean the edges, corners and the inside of the bricks. Hard-to-reach areas might need some scrubbing to completely eliminate the algae and mould. After spraying it with water and scrubbing it out, make sure to leave it to dry for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

Apply Some Sealer

Go out and get some clear-coat sealer to paint the bricks. This can easily brighten up old bricks and restore their original colour. If you are trying to restore smaller areas such as countertops, then go ahead and use a paintbrush or paint roller. If you are working with larger areas such as driveways and walkways, a pneumatic sprayer will do the job.

Paint It

In most cases, painting the bricks is not necessary, as the sealer typically does the job. However, in severe cases of wear, painting may be required to restore the bricks’ old colour. This applies to bricks that are super old and lifeless, and those that have been exposed to the sun for a very long time. Using a paint roller to apply concrete stain or paint can help bring the colour of the bricks back to life. You can also apply a coat of sealer after the paint has dried to really lock the colour in.

Remember, if you cannot do the job by yourself, call the nearest brick restoration company in your area to get the best results!