How to Plan Functional Spaces for a Bathroom Remodel

modern bathroom design

Designing your bathroom space, especially when remodeling, should depend on your current lifestyle. In general, your options are limited if you’re not changing drains, plumbing hookups, and ventilation.

You’ll need a bigger budget if you want everything redesigned. With this in mind, to make certain that each space in your bathroom is functional, consider the following:

The Vanity Area

This includes the countertop, a sink, ample storage, and a mirror. Go for a framed mirror instead of a huge mirror lab or wall for a more economical and contemporary look. If you’re remodeling the master bath, you probably won’t need that much countertop space in your Ogden home compared to remodeling a family bathroom.

As for storage, figure out what you’re going to store in your bathroom to determine how much space you need to incorporate into your design. When in doubt, keep in mind that you could never have too much storage space, especially in a family bathroom.

The Toilet

First off, you shouldn’t place your toilet in a position that would highlight it because it’s not a statement piece — and it shouldn’t be. Consider tucking it behind the door or hide it partially between the vanity and a wall or shower area. If you have a large space to work with, consider a high half wall to hide the toilet or a separate water closet.

The Shower and Bathtub Combo

This classic combo is still the most economical and practical way to incorporate both a bathtub and shower in your bathroom, particularly if you don’t have that much space. This combo would work well in master baths, family baths, and guest baths because it won’t take up significant space.

Through proper organization of functional spaces in your bathroom, you’ll get ample open space regardless of its size. But don’t forget to check your local building code because there are strict regulations regarding the installation of electrical equipment and stack connections.