4 Kid-Friendly Crafts to Make This Easter Season

Kid wearing bunny ears and eating candy

In a South Property Sale review about Lancaster New City, the celebrations and festivities showed how Filipinos value the yuletide season. Before you know it, however, Christmas is over and the Easter holidays are just around the corner. If you’ve got family and friends coming over for the long break, then preparing your home is a must. Here are four simple Easter projects you can use to decorate your space:

Daisy Candleholders

Who said Easter decorations were only about bunnies and eggs? For an adorable table display, wrap a piece of rubber band around a candleholder and tuck in a bright yellow marguerite daisy. Place your little masterpiece in a small dish with water and line them down the center of the table for a unique setting.

Springtime Door Decoration

Get your hands on some flowers — it doesn’t matter if they are real or silk — and gather them under an umbrella. Secure everything with a ribbon and add a few dyed, blown-out eggshells for some extra fun.

Egg Carton Adornments

Paint wooden dowels and egg-carton cups with bright colors and let them dry. Glue each dowel back to the eggcup and then place a plastic egg into each of them. You can also add matching feathers to the back of the bird. Finish with some fresh flowers to create a fun and delightful craft for your home.

Easter Egg Garland

Get your kids involved with this Easter-worthy decoration that will surely make your home stand out. Simply cut egg shapes out of durable paper, paint them and let dry. Finally, attach each of them using a long string to make a garland that you can use to decorate walls and even fences.

Entertaining guest at your home this coming Easter doesn’t have to be drab affair. In fact, you can make it as fun and colorful as your Christmas decorations just a couple of months ago. Enjoy these simple, kid-friendly crafts to create centerpieces that will surely bring a joyful Easter spirit.