Kitchen Layouts: What are your Options?

Man and woman imagining their future kitchen layout design

Your kitchen offers you more than just a cooking space. It is a center of your home activities, a hub of pride and a place to connect before starting your day and after a long day.

When planning your kitchen remodeling in Fort Wayne Indiana, Serenity kitchen and Bath emphasizes that you must do it efficiently to maximize the usable space and functionality of your kitchen. This is why, you should choose a kitchen layout that matches the shape of your kitchen space, as well as allowing easy access to your kitchen appliances. That said, here are designs you may consider.

L-shaped layout

If you prefer a more private cooking areas with minimal to no distractions, the L-Shaped layout is for you. This model has plenty of storage cabinets, with some placed on the walls with the range or the sink. Other cabinets are aligned slightly below the sinks and have an L-configuration. However, if you love interacting with your family while in the kitchen, you can introduce an island to your L-Shaped layout to accommodate them.

Zone Layout

If space is not an issue, and you will have multiple people using the kitchen at the same time, then this model is the perfect one for you. Reason being, it has separate working stations for eating, cleaning, and cooking. This allows for various people to be performing multiple functions at the same time. It is the most preferred model for commercial kitchens.

Triangular layout

The triangular layout focuses majorly on three points of the kitchen. They include the refrigerator, the sink, and the range. To make your stay in the kitchen more convenient, place the classically shaped appliances such as the wall oven and cook-top in different locations. Additionally, it is advisable to add an extra sink for a dual-cook kitchen.

Before settling on any kitchen design, establish the dimensions of your appliances. This way, you will be sure that they will comfortably fit. While at it, also consider how your kitchen will connect to the rest of the house for convenience.