A Hot Taste for Slow Fashion

Clothes displayed on a store rack

Everyone can agree that fast fashion has put the world on a fast track to environmental degradation. On top of that, it has also had adverse effects on commerce and the lives of millions of factory workers, most of them women and farmers in the third world.

In response to fast fashion, a collection of contemporary clothing that is sturdy, well-made, and, most of all, ethical, presents itself as the better alternative.

A Fast Case for Slow Fashion

Ayesha Barenblat, founder of Remake, a website advocating ethical, philanthropic, and slow fashion, and a top respondent at Quora, provides three points on why we should reconsider how we buy, use, and re-use our clothes.

Most of ready-to-wear clothes in the market are pieces that do not last very long and often break or tear within six months to a year because manufacturers design them not to last.

Barenblat states that fast fashion, which is fashion produced wholesale and often without regard for the quality both of its products and its workers, is expensive for us and the environment.

Fast fashion is also produced in off-shore factories, such as in India or Bangladesh, where girls as young as fourteen enter the workforce and work an average of fourteen hours a day. There have also been numerous reports of workplace harassment apart from unacceptable working conditions in these factories.

A Conscious and Chic Collection

Consumers have the power to sway market production. Philanthropic fashion brands such as nphilanthropy.com are increasingly becoming popular. Purchasing ethical fashion, or “slow fashion,” is also one way to help; you can find sources and articles in slow fashion online.

These include recycled cotton and polyester, as well as vegan leather that uses a material called polyurethane mixed with recycled textiles and organic material such as tree bark and similar fibers. The best part is that these designs are made with utmost style and comfort in mind.

Find a way to end the trend of fast fashion with better alternatives. Grace the public with a conscious and ethical fashion, and dynamic designs that reflect a vibrant new you.