Why Does Your Car Needs Regular Servicing?

Man waving to his mechanic to have his car checked

As a car owner, you will need to have a car service sooner or later. While some are not so keen on regular servicing of their vehicles, those who keep up with their vehicle’s maintenance schedule enjoy the many benefits.

LRC Automotive rounds up the benefits you can get when you take your ride to a shop for a regular full car service.


Taking your vehicle for a service helps your mechanic identify potential issues that might become unmanageable in the future. Regular servicing also ensures that thorough checks are carried out to make sure your vehicle performs efficiently when you need it. Just like our bodies, your car needs regular check-ups to ensure its optimum health.

Increases the Value of Your Vehicle

Second-hand car buyers expect great value for their money. A well-serviced vehicle that has evidence of regular maintenance will attract more buyers, and you can sell it at a competitive price.

Saves You Money

A well-serviced vehicle performs at its best, and this means you save on fuel costs and expensive repairs. Neglected cars are more likely to suffer a breakdown, which can force you to spend more.


Regular servicing of your vehicle will increase its lifespan. Proper treatment ensures that the vehicle lasts longer. Regular servicing assures you of many years of trouble-free driving.


Regular car service is not only good for your vehicle, but for other motorists as well. A well-serviced vehicle is unlikely to break down and pose danger to you and others. It keeps you safe on the road.


There is nothing as inconvenient as your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. To avoid such as a scenario or a situation, get the car serviced routinely. It will reduce the chances of failure when you need your vehicle the most.

The more miles you cover, the greater the wear and tear on the vehicle. Deterioration happens gradually, and it is wrong to assume that your vehicle is okay just because it looks so. Look for a professional who can check and maintain your car according to schedule.