Be Ready to Combat Ice Dams During Winter

Ice dams

Winter season waits right around the corner, and with it comes snow. Blizzards and heavy snowfall may soon cover Salt Lake City. In such times, snow will accumulate on your home’s roof, and an ice dam may develop. You will need ice dam removal services and water damage restoration services when that happens.

Frequent Formation

Amid other disastrous agents brought about by winter, ice dams count among the most common ones. Many Salt Lake City homes will likely develop ice dams sooner or later. Of course, homeowners can take measures to reduce the chances of ice dams forming on their home’s roofs, but ice dam formation remains possible.

Formation Process

Ice dams are ice formations that develop on a roof’s eaves or gutters. After heavy snowfall, and because of heat inside a house, snow from the top of a roof melts and trickles down. Once the melt-water reaches the eaves or the gutter — where it is colder — the melt-water freezes over and traps further melt-water. The process repeats until the ice dam grows.

Dangers of Ice Dams

Ice dams pose a danger to homes and homeowners. For one, the icicles that form at the bottom of an ice dam can break off and hit passersby below. At the same time, the melt-water trapped by the ice dam can seep into the roof, leak through the ceiling, and damage anything else it encounters.

Preventive Measures and Solutions

You can do your best to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. You can ventilate your roof deck or keep heat out of your attic through insulation perhaps. Heavy rainfall will still prevail at times, however. The best you can do will be to call both ice dam removal experts and the water damage restoration specialists to protect and save your home.

Preventive measures can make a difference in fighting ice dam formations, but you can also be ready to reach out to professionals when prevention fails.