4 Common Habits That Will Kill Your Car

A woman's car engine is broken

When you first own a car, it can feel like a dream come true. But, that dream can quickly become a nightmare if you do not take good care of the car. A poorly maintained car can be riddled with troubles that could easily make you wish you didn’t buy it in the first place. Which poor maintenance habits can condemn your car to an early death? Here are four of them:

Ignoring your check engine light

When you notice the illuminated check engine light, that’s a hint that your car’s engine may be in trouble. Ignoring the warning is a recipe for disaster, and you’ll have to pay a lot more for repairs. Pickeringsauto.com recommends driving to a reputable auto repair service to have the problem checked and fixed immediately.

Driving your car aggressively

No one parts with their car faster than a severe driver. Over speeding, driving in rough terrains or during extreme weather conditions, hauling too heavy luggage and making rapid starts and stops will do your car no good. Practice responsible driving ​— regardless of the road — instead. Observe the speed limit as directed by authorities, for instance.

Not changing the fluids and filters

Your car requires a variety of fluids to operate efficiently. Check the oil levels in your vehicle regularly and fill them as required. Change aging filters too, so you don’t introduce contaminants into your car’s systems.

Ignoring your car’s service schedule

Obviously, parts of your car become worn out with time. Therefore, you need to take your vehicle for a routine checkup and servicing to keep it running optimally for a long time. Failure to do so will only result in greater repair costs in the long term.

Given that a car is a major investment, its care should rank highly in your list of priorities. By avoiding costly lifestyle habits that could hurt your car, you can keep it running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.