Taking Your Kids to the Dentist: 3 Tips to Calm Their Fears

Little girl having her teeth checked

As an adult, going to the dentist is something you are already used to, having done it many times over the years. For your children, however, it can be scary.

Taking your kids to the dentist, however, does not have to be an adventure into the unknown. Most pediatric dental clinics like Kidz Smile Dentistry have specialized training in making children feel at home. Some even come with kid-friendly offices that have bright walls and available toys to play.

But in case you still find your kids having anxieties about their dental visits, here are three ways you can calm them down:

Talk to them beforehand

Many kids visit a dentist without knowing what to expect, causing them to feel anxious or scared. You can prevent this by talking to them beforehand. Highlighting the positives goes a long way in reducing the unknown. Do make sure to stay away from the dreaded topics of pain since this may cause more fear than good.

Have a pre-visit tour

One way to help your children overcome their fear is to visit the dentist before their actual appointment. This way, your kids can form a positive idea of the place, while they build their sense of comfort in the place, the chair, and even the funny medicinal smells.

Practice playing dentist at home

Encourage your children to look at their teeth in the mirror. Essentially, try turning what happens at the clinic into a fun game you and your children can play. This way, they will be more comfortable the next time they pay the dentist a visit.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t really be a bad or scary experience for your kids. With a few tricks here and there, they will be at ease in no time.