Back Pain: How Spinal Adjustment Plays a Role in Alleviating Pain

doctor discussing the extent of spinal misalignment of a patient

Back pain is one of the leading causes for absences at work and school in the United States. This condition may occur among adolescents, young adults, and elderly individuals exposed to chronic back stress and traumatic injuries.

Due to the increasing prevalence of this health problem, healthcare professionals strongly emphasize the importance of early chiropractic consult for pain relief.

What Causes Back Pain?

The back is comprised of an elaborate framework of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves that work simultaneously to promote movement and improve posture. Thus, injury to any of these structures may cause lumbar instability, which results in severe pain in the upper and lower back.

Some risk factors such as vehicular motor accidents, chronic lumbar strain, sports injuries, and neurological problems often result to back pain.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Back Pain?

Back specialist Dr. Jacob Wooten states that chiropractors perform several spinal adjustment techniques to restore underlying anatomical defects in the back. Modern modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, cold therapy, and transcutaneous electric stimulation are adjuncts that facilitate better tissue healing.

These tools also stimulate blood flow to ensure that injured back muscles receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients for normal processes. Chiropractors may also use traction devices to reduce gravitational forces that exert high compressive effects on the lumbar discs.

How is Back Adjustment Done?

Back adjustment is one of the most common therapeutic maneuvers performed by chiropractors. It involves manipulation of the affected joint through the application of sufficient force on the injured area.

This restores the normal position of the stiffened joint, which reduces inflammation in the surrounding musculoskeletal structure and alleviates pain. However, only expert chiropractors must perform this technique to prevent damage to adjacent bony structures.

Back pain is an important health concern that may cause significant discomfort, poor posture, localized numbness, and difficulty in movement. Thus, it is crucial to visit a chiropractor who can create an individualized management plan to improve your quality of life.