Knowing More about the Types of Medical Air Transport Services

Air ambulance team on a rush

Healthcare and allied services transport over half a million patients to various hospitals annually using air transport. Sometimes, road transport is not the best option in emergencies. This makes the best choice for emergency and non-emergency transportation of patients to be air transport.

Aero-medical flight companies have different types of services for medical patient transportation. The kind of service suitable for a patient depends on his or her condition and the distance he or she will cover.

Here are the primary services offered by medical air transport companies.

Medical Air Escort

This is a non-emergency ambulance service. The patient flies on a regular flight with an assigned medical personnel as an escort, who takes care of any emergencies’ en route and ensures the patient safely arrives at his or her destination.

The travel distance for medical air escort should not exceed 250 miles, and the patient should be in a stable condition.

Air Ambulance Services

For severely injured patients and stable patients travelling for over 250 miles, an air ambulance service is the suitable means of transport. Air ambulances are typically fixed-wing aircraft. They may be jet engine powered or propeller driven, often used for short distance flights.

The medical personnel in air ambulances undergo rigorous training and are suited to handle a range of medical emergencies.

Dedicated Air Ambulance Services

These precisely designed aircraft are pressurised and well-equipped with necessary medical supplies and equipment. The supplies and equipment depend on the nature of a patient’s conditions and injuries. They reserve dedicated air ambulance services for particular extremely severe cases.

The attending physician typically accompanies patients on the flight.

Not all medical air transport companies operate the same way. Choose a company with the right certification and accreditation according to local and state legislation. The company should also have a high level of safety and care in a comfortable environment.