Owning a Pool at Home: Top 2 Concerns and Suggestions

Backyard Swimming Pool

Having a pool at home is great. It makes your house a great party venue with friends and family without having to travel or pay for an expensive hotel or a good resort.

If you’re like most homeowners, however, you have some concerns about building a pool on your property. Here are some of those concerns, and some suggestions that might lay those concerns to rest. GreatFence.com tells us more:


It’s not just about the price you pay to have it built. It is also about the cost of owning it. Having a pool can be a good or a bad thing in terms of property value. For instance, if yours is the only property in your neighborhood with a pool, it might be harder to sell.

Additionally, before having one constructed, be sure you have your budget can accommodate regular maintenance.


A pool can be a safety hazard, especially if you have children in the house or in your neighborhood who might accidentally fall into it. In the same way, it can be dangerous for pets. A dog may be able to swim, but it may still drown if it can’t get out of the water.

A simple solution to this is a pool cover. Before building the pool, include a cover in your budget. Aside from keeping kids and pets out of the water, it can also keep dirt and debris from trash, trees or birds away from the water.

To make it twice as difficult to access the pool without your approval or supervision, think about installing an aluminum fence with a self-locking gate. Not only can it keep kids and pets out. It can also restrict trespassers from using your pool and your home in general. Your fence can also increase property value.

One more area that needs to be addressed, safety-wise, is electricity. Water and electricity are a bad combination. It may be nice to have in-pool lights, but they may present a hazard if something breaks. It’s also a bad idea to hang string lights over or near the pool itself, no matter how pretty they may appear. Talk to your contractor about proper and safe pool lighting.

A pool is a great addition to your property. But, it also entails responsibility. Learn more about pool ownership and talk to other pool owners before deciding to build one of your own.