How to Improve Efficiency in a Commercial Kitchen

Amazing commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchens are always busy, and managing one can be extremely stressful. Other than ensuring that you serve quality food, you also need to check on employee and workflow efficiency. Make kitchen life easier with the following tips.

Always practice CLAYGO

Commercial kitchens rarely follow “Clean As You Go” due to the demands’ kitchen staff experience on a daily basis. However, no matter how busy a cook or chef is, it is important to clean up after one’s mess to prevent dirt, spills, and injury in the kitchen. Make CLAYGO a habit no matter how busy you may be.

Be ready for equipment issues

Ovens may break, pipes may burst, and stoves may cause a fire in the middle of a cooking spree. Be ready for problems like this by having a backup plan and a contact list of repairmen.

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Create clear walkways

Space is important in busy commercial kitchens. Cooks and chefs should have clear walkways when grabbing something from the pantry or traveling from one oven to another. Remove obstructions and place kitchen equipment strategically to improve kitchen workflow and to minimize the risk of accidents.

Listen to employee feedback

Employee feedback is important in any business. Staff comments and suggestions can greatly improve service and determine existing workflow problems.

Respect staff opinion and make an effort to communicate. Set up weekly meetings or make it a habit to discuss and resolve issues before starting a shift.

Utilize an inventory system

Running out of the main ingredients does not only disappoint customers but baffles kitchen staff as well. Have a good inventory system, so you know which items to restock and order in advance. Doing this also prevents wasting perishable products and ingredients.

Efficiency is important in any kitchen. Managers, chefs, and cooks should work hard to attain convenience and serve quality food. Make your commercial kitchen a dream kitchen by practicing cleanliness, speed, and convenience.