4 Points of Self Improvement

Man improving his dental hygiene

Have you been having difficulty getting a date or progressing a relationship? Well, here are some of the things your crush may not like about you and how you could improve on them.

Looks and hygiene

It is astounding that a lot of men do not place enough importance on hygiene and looks. Every man can do something to improve his looks. You can either see a dentist in Wilmette, IL like Glenlake Dental Care, get rid of acne, shower regularly or get a haircut. If you smell good, look smart and have good breath, you have a better chance at getting a date.


Most men struggle with a lack of confidence. Instead of smiling back to a woman who is looking at you, you look away, worrying about offending or creeping her out. Boost your confidence, and you won’t have to spend time on any dating and matchmaking website searching for love.


If you are the kind of person who is just too lazy to improve your lifestyle, keep fit, clean and make a friend, you should not expect women to be attracted to you. Take note that women love people who are hardworking and committed to self-improvement.

Physical fitness

Most men think that physical attributes do not matter to women. The truth is, a high percentage of ladies will be attracted to your physical appearance. Do not just add weight and expect to turn on women. Work out to get yourself a six-pack and a bit of muscle!

Once you identify the factors that are holding you back, ensure that you get the perfect solution for your problem. These tips above could help you along the way.