Other Ways to Enhance Your Oral Hygiene

Woman ready to wear her mouth guard for her sport

The benefits of good dental hygiene far exceed attaining a great smile. Healthy teeth help you chew well, reduce the risk of heart problems and prevent aches. Brushing and flossing every day can enhance your dental health, but there are many other ways to achieve top dental hygiene. Here are some of them.

Fix misaligned teeth

Crooked teeth make it extremely difficult to clean teeth, besides looking rather unsightly. If you cannot properly clean your teeth, the risk of contracting a periodontal disease is never far away. An efficient way to solve this is through getting an Invisalign treatment from a leading Bath dentist.

Use antibacterial rinse or chewing gum

Besides properly brushing your teeth after meals, using a good antibacterial rinse is an effective way to prevent gum problems. You could also chew sugar-free gum, which increases the flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva production could wash away bacteria as well as act as a neutralising acid.

Wear mouth guards during sports

While sports are beneficial to the body, they can sometimes present a threat to your teeth. Such sports as boxing and skateboarding can result in injuries to your teeth. To prevent this, talk to your dentist to create a mouth guard for you, or buy one from a sports store and use hot water to soften it, so it fits your mouth.

Stay away from tobacco

Most people know that smoking is one of the greatest enemies to oral hygiene. However, even using smokeless tobacco can substantially harm your teeth and gums. Not only does tobacco cause gum disease, but it also increases the risk of contracting oral cancer. If you smoke, consider quitting.

Few things are as important as the dental health of your family. When you do these things to take care of your teeth, you can keep them healthy from childhood to old age.