Common Concerns About Teeth Whitening

a woman with straight teeth

If you have noticeably yellow teeth, a teeth whitening treatment is worth considering. Anyone can benefit from the said treatment, but if you have dental problems like gum disease, your dentist may advise you to treat it first. Many people flash their healthy and white smile because of a dentist-supervised whitening procedure.

Shrewsbury dentists note that while teeth whitening is effective, many have a few concerns about the procedure and the results. Dental clinics such as Monkmoor Dental Practice say that these are some common questions about teeth whitening.

Is it Painful?

Teeth sensitivity is common after a few days, but this is only temporary.  It is advisable to avoid hot and cold foods and beverage about one to two days after the treatment. Your dentist will also give management tips to deal with discomfort after the procedure.

Are home whitening kits safe and effective?

With DIY kits, you may damage your gums or remove the enamel from your teeth. Many over-the-counter whitening products are not also as effective as those used by a dentist. This why they may be less effective or will require constant use to get results. The sad part is, this may lead to heightened sensitivity and gum irritation.

Are the results permanent?

The effects of teeth whitening can last for a few years. Your teeth may become stained, especially if you drink tea, coffee, or alcohol. It is also likely that your teeth could become dull if you smoke or use tobacco products. Avoiding certain foods and habits, and keeping up good oral hygiene can keep the results longer.

Can whitening toothpaste whiten teeth?

Whitening toothpaste is better at maintaining the results of a professional procedure. They can also remove and prevent surface stains. Many cannot whiten a noticeably yellow smile, so they are not usually the best choice for whitening your teeth.

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, it's best to choose a professional whitening treatment if you want quick results. This method is safer and more effective than any other whitening option. Visit a dentist today and find out which procedure is right for you.