Portable Bunding: The Best Solution for Spill Containment

Men working on the hazardous spill

Many companies do not realise that their products and services are harming the environment. Nearby bodies of water exposed to chemical wastes and other harmful substances from factories can harm communities. The experts at Argyle Commercial present three reasons why companies should invest in portable bunding.

Companies are looking at more efficient ways to manufacture their goods. However, their methods have a negative effect on the planet. Large scale environmental solutions must be implemented in these companies. One of these is portable bunding, one of the best solutions for spill containment.

What is Portable Bunding?

Portable bunding refers to putting together walls or bunds from impervious materials to contain chemical spills, help with clean-up operations, and purge fluid leakage. Common portable bunds are constructed out of stone, concrete, and bricks. You can set up these bunds practically anywhere, as they are designed for portability.

Why Invest on Portable Bunding?

Portable bunding is convenient

Chemical waste can be very difficult to manage. You want to go for something that’s light and easy to use. Portable bunds are easy to install and come in collapsible and roll-able forms for easier transport.

This solution is also quick

Most portable bunds have features that allow for quicker spill containment.

This method is also flexible

Portable bunds are made of high-grade materials that are capable of containing chemical waste, cleaning agents, oil, fuel, agricultural chemicals, detergents, solvents, among other environmental defilers. Whatever type of spill you have, most portable bunds could contain it.


The environment is at its most critical in these times. Portable bunding can help us control toxic and hazardous chemical contamination. For many industries, it is an essential investment that can protect the environment.