Flood Preparedness: Before and After a Flood

Flood inside the house

Utah has received storm-related weather warnings as authorities expect storms to bring heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, flooding, and even snow. With such a forecast, your home is at risk of flooding. The experts at Anchor Water Damage and Restoration explain that you should prepare your home for such a forecast and know how to handle the rebuilding process.

Learn Your Flood Risk

Do you know the flood risk of your community or your property? Know the history of flooding in your area and consult local emergency services and community officials. You can also look at Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) to find out your flood risk. FIRMs can be found online or the local map repository.

Ready Supplies

Prepare for disaster with the essentials. Supplies include first aid materials, flashlights, batteries, a battery-operated radio, emergency food and water, cash, clothes, and blankets. Prepare these supplies and place them in an easily accessible location when a disaster occurs.

Initiate Air Flow

Once a flood hits your home and finally recedes, you also have to know how to recover from such a disaster. Call for an emergency flood damage restoration in Utah to repair your home. You can begin the process of drying out your home when you open the windows and doors. Keep fans running inside your home. The air flow can keep mold from growing.

Get Rid of Carpets

You can also tear up and throw out all soaked carpets and padding in your home. These items can no longer be salvaged. Mold loves damp places, making carpets a perfect habitat. This also includes wet clothes, stuffing toys and books that have mold damage.

Always prepare for any flooding that may occur in Utah soon and in the future as well. The more you prepare, the better you can deal with any disaster.