Ways to Keep Your Home Heated During the Winter

Man making sure that the home heating is good

Winter is coming, and it might be an expensive one if you don’t do something right now to minimise your heating bills. By making just a few minor adjustments, you’ll be able to retain more heat indoors without having to kick up the thermostat. Here’s how:

Repair and Install Energy Saving Windows

Cover any cracked portion of your window where heat may escape. No crack is too small so make a point of using proper putty to seal the surface completely. You can also try installing aluminium sun shades that are known for retaining heat indoors. They also work both ways in that they help keep the cold temperature indoors during the summer season.

Always Have Your Heating System Checked

Make a point of having your heating system checked before winter starts. This will guarantee that the HVAC is working in top form. Heaters that are not properly maintained or cleaned often consume more power to produce heat, not to mention it’s more likely to break down in the middle of winter.

Open the Fireplace Only When In Use

Your fireplace is an excellent source of heat – but you might want to keep it closed when not in use. Leaving it open is equal to keeping the window open, thus allowing the heat to come through the fireplace funnel.

Turn Down the Furnace and Concentrate on Often-Used Areas

Stop trying to heat the entire house. Lower the temperature and buy a portable heater for individual rooms or often-used areas. You can put one in the living room and the bedroom to increase the heat in those specific areas while still lowering your heating bills.

Winter can be a relaxing time, especially since the cold weather discourages mosquitoes and other insects from buzzing around. Get the proper heating system, and you’ll find that this season is much more enjoyable.