How Learning to Play the Piano Boosts Mental Health

A Music LessonMany research and studies have pointed the potential that music has on improving a person’s intellect. Experts found that people who listen to music have better focus and concentration when it comes to work, whether in school or with their careers. Not many people, however, are aware that playing an instrument to create and produce music amplifies the effects.

Whether it’s you or your child who’s interested in learning a new skill, consider investing time and resources on studying how to play a musical instrument. With the help of highly qualified instructors, like the experienced piano teachers at Madison, Steinway & Sons Madison and other experts say that you and your little one are on the way to reaping the following benefits:

Improving academic (or career) performance

Children who study piano, especially those who started at an early age, can perform better in school than their peers. This is particularly true in terms of Mathematic skills. A primary contributor is a boost that learning how to and actually playing the piano has on cognitive development, both spatially and in general.

Simply because playing a piece involves careful memorization and utmost attention, it helps in overall improvement in academic performance. This applies to adults too, as both play an active part in work productivity. Keep this in mind: Enhanced productivity results in a better output.

Better, broader vocabulary

Playing musical instruments don’t only expose someone to musical patterns, notes, tones, melodies, and rhythms, it can also expand one’s vocabulary. Researchers found that students who play the piano have better verbal sequencing than their peers who don’t, or any other musical instrument for that matter.

These are only some of the mental health benefits that the world of piano playing brings to those willing and motivated to learn. Give yourself or your child the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of learning a new skill; sign up for piano lessons as soon as possible.